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Excessive Noise of Cone crusher Really Does Harm

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  As mining equipment, Cone crusher is well-known, which has significantly accelerated the process of modern industry, providing a steady flow of raw materials for the infrastructure of our country. But cone crusher will generate loud noise that does harm to human or the machine itself. What serious consequences it would have?

  First, the loud noise of cone crusher hazards to workers’ health. Excessive noise does harm to eardrum of human, especially under this noise for a long time is likely to hearing loss. Second, the noisy device indicates the possibility of breaking down. If not taken seriously, it is security risks for working staff.

  Loud noise of cone crusher hazards to the device itself. Cone crusher noise is within standard when normal operating, the failure and abnormal noise will influence the production and damage to the machine.

  Cone crusher loud noise at work, is a kind of security risk both for the staff or the equipment itself. Operator must pay more attention to minimize excessive noise of cone crusher.

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