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What Harm Will Voltage Instability Bring to Cone Crusher

Time:2015-6-1 8:56:30   Views:708    From:http://www.hydraulicconecrusher.net

As ore crushing equipment familiar to most people, there is so much we need to pay attention for cone crusher in our work. Besides cone crusher itself, the voltage is what we should pay attention to. Once the voltage is unstable, it will give users a lot of trouble when cone crusher at work. Let us take look what harm voltage instability will bring for cone crusher.

The greatest: unevenly discharging of the material or the problem of motor. The instability of voltage mainly influences motor power of cone crusher, and uneven speed of the motor will affect crushing effect of cone crusher. Uneven and the block of the material will cause the damage of the motor.

Power surge will accelerate the abrasion of the belt. When the voltage is in instability, the transmission part will bear higher tensity, and unsteadiness of speed can easily make belt slip, thus the belt will be abraded easily.

Therefore, when we use cone crusher, we must ensure the stability of voltage. If necessary, the manufacturers can configure with cabinet, automatically power off to prevent damage the motor and cone crusher when the voltage is in instability.




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